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Information for Internships (KNH 340 & KNH 420G)

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You will need to know which KNH Faculty will be signing off on your experience depending on the term you are taking it.

KNH 340 & KNH 420G:
Athletic Training, Kinesiology and Public Health majors, all terms -- Jennifer Krauth (edwardjl) Office: 513-529-3033
Nutrition majors, fall and spring semesters -- Gretchen Brademan (matuszg) Office: 513-529-5036
Nutrition majors, winter and summer semesters --  Nancy Parkinson (parkinns) Office: 513-529-2709

KNH 610 & KNH 640 -- Jennifer Krauth (edwardjl) Office: 513-529-3033
KNH 640 Dietetic Interns only -- Sharman Willmore (willmose) Office: 513-529-8501
Your request will be forwarded electronically through the channels: KNH Faculty member to KNH Dept Chair to the Registrar.

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Strength & Conditioning Internship - posted 8-11-21 Strength & Conditioning Internship - posted 8-11-21

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Black Sheep Performance Internship/Practicum Expectations Black Sheep Performance Internship/Practicum Expectations

Black Sheep Performance Internship/Practicum Expectations

Site Supervisor(s): Dak Notestine

Times:  Arranged – Must complete a minimum of 45 hours

Course Description:

Provide students with opportunities to gain hands on experience relating to human performance.


May include assisting in Strength and Conditioning programs and gain experience in the following:

  • Testing athletic performance – 1 Repetition maximum, Multiple Repetition Maximum, Jump height (JustJump), Speed and Agility (timing gates), Nutritional Health and Education
  • Exercise demonstration – Speed, Agility, Endurance, resistance, plyometric, mobility
  • Charting and Documentation – Excel and Google sheets
  • Monitoring reports
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Learn running mechanics (acceleration and top end speed)
  • Learn basics to coaching and programming Olympic weightlifting

Specified objectives:

Performance Testing: Students should learn appropriate protocols for testing athletic performance and obtaining physical measurements. Students are responsible for coordinating this with Black Sheep Performance staff.

Strength and Conditioning Meetings: Students will be required to attend regular meetings with staff when and where appropriate.

Movement instruction and demonstration: Students should learn effective procedures for demonstrating exercises and instruct athletes on movement execution.

Monitoring reports: Students will provide testing and measurement reports to Strength and Conditioning staff on a weekly schedule.


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Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp June 14 - August 15, 2021 Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp June 14 - August 15, 2021


Dear Prof. Alessio,

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is currently hiring Health Assistants for our 2021 season (June 14 - August 15) and we are searching for motivated, health-oriented individuals to fill positions. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a non-profit summer school of the arts serving thousands of junior high and high school students each season. Blue Lake's modern Health Lodge facility operates 24 hours a day to serve our residential camp community.

We have adjusted our camper enrollment, instructional programs, and available positions to reflect necessary safety guidelines for the 2021 season.  To read more about our COVID-careful planning, please visit our website at

Our Health Assistants provide a variety of services including basic first aid, medication management/distribution, and emergency medical care. The Blue Lake Health Services team includes registered nurses, emergency responders, and college students with Standard First-Aid/CPR training. They support a diversified camp population of youth and college-aged staff as well as university instructors and secondary teachers and their families. Health Staff receive practical, hands-on experience with short-term patient care, documentation, triage, and basic diagnostics. They also receive valuable training in team building and problem solving.  In addition to gaining hands-on skills and experience, some Health Assistants have been able to use their summer work hours toward internship or other school requirements.

Full-summer, residential Health Assistant positions are available for graduate and undergraduate health majors (e.g. Nursing, Pre-Med, Physician Assistant, Psychology, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Sports Medicine, Health Sciences, etc.), as well as those with Standard First Aid & CPR or greater certifications.

Please feel free to forward this email to students or colleagues who may be interested. Information and application materials are also available at: For more information, please contact us at, or 1-800-221-3796 ext. 211. This job information is also posted on Handshake for those schools that participate.  Thank you for your assistance.


Joshua Farmer
Director of Health Services
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
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Internship Oxford Parks 2021 Internship Oxford Parks 2021

DIRECTOR Internship Opportunity 


A full service, year round municipal department serving the greater Oxford community  and Talawanda School District.  

Mission: Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of those we serve by providing  quality recreation programs, facilities and parks.  

Intern Hours:  

Flexible, 4 hours per week up to a maximum of 20 hours per week, dependent upon the  needs of both OPRD and the intern. This is an unpaid position. To provide the most  valuable experience in a public Parks and Recreation setting, this position may require a  varied schedule to include week days, week nights, or some weekends. 

Nature of Work: 

The intern will be responsible for assisting with the implementation of the daily  operational needs of the Parks and Recreation Director, including but not limited to,  marketing, aquatics, concessions, budgeting, community events, and staff administration.  *Due to COVID, it's possible for some of the intern hours to be completed remotely,  depending on the skills and abilities of the intern, as well as the current needs of the  department, but a majority of the work will need to be completed in-person. Social  distancing and mask wearing will be enforced for the work setting.*  

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: 

Enrolled in marketing, sports management, coaching, or related major of study.  Ability to work flexible hours as needed for programs and community events. Ability to stimulate interest in an appreciation of parks and recreation activities. Ability to relate well with all age groups and deal with the public in a tactful and  courteous manner.  

Ability to work independently in performing specific aspects of the work. 

Specific Responsibilities:  

Assists Parks and Recreation Director in organizing, promoting and implementing  events, preparing for the aquatics and concessions season, long term vision  planning, budget preparation and evaluating operations and events.  

Provides assistance as needed to facilitate the success of the programs.  Maintenance and inventory of supplies and product ordering. 

Attend various community organizational meetings. 

Reports To: Parks and Recreation Director  

Contact: Casey Wooddell,; 513-523-6314 

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Miami Strength and Conditioning Internship Miami Strength and Conditioning Internship